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Supporting Local Food Producers Impacted by Bushfires


We are being encouraged to buy local food and beverage brands in the wake of the bushfire crisis.

Food South Australia CEO Catherine Sayer said she has received an outpouring of support from consumers who have indicated they need help knowing how to help or which products to buy. 

The peak industry association for food and beverage manufacturers, processors and producers in South Australia has  an extensive directory of SA products as an easy reference - foodsouthaustralia.com.au and is liaising with  industry and government agencies to connect affected businesses with support and advice

“The I Choose SA logo, which identifies local brands, and programs such as Eat Local SA (eatlocalsa.com.au) which help consumers find restaurants, pubs, cafes and retailers who go out of their way to support local producers, are also great ways to find local South Australian products, and help producers by helping the venues who buy from them too,” Ms Sayer said.

“In many cases, it is about continuing to do what South Australian consumers already to.  It’s still all about those everyday purchasing decisions – by continuing to buy South Australian products at the supermarket you can still be confident you are supporting the businesses,” she said.

“Every one of those purchases is directly supporting jobs and businesses here in South Australia.  If the product you are looking for isn’t available, make sure the next time you shop you look for it again and ask the store to get it in for you.”

Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels