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Man Arrested in Strathalbyn Following Alleged Bushfire Scam


A man claiming to be a victim of the Cudlee Creek bushfires has been arrested for scamming members of the public.

Police allege the 59-year-old Pennington man was breaching his bail when approaching people in the Hills Fleurieu region for money, pretending to be a victim of the Cudlee Creek fires.

Several members of the public contacted authorities and he was arrested at 9am on Saturday 11 January in Strathalbyn.

The man was bailed again with a curfew and strict conditions not to attend the Adelaide Hills until his court date at Mount Barker on 26 February.

Police remind the community that they should only donate to charities that they clearly recognise as being authentic.

Volunteers will have identification which clearly identifies them as being a volunteer for that charity. If you are unsure at all, do not donate and call the Police immediately.

If someone is selling items to raise money for a charity then they will need to have appropriate identification. 

The State Government has provided the following information for people wishing to donate to the SA Bushfire Appeal:

Visit dhs.sa.gov.au/recovery for the latest state recovery information.

Donate now to the SA Bushfire Appeal to raise funds for people directly affected by bushfires in Cudlee Creek and Kangaroo Island.