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Unsolicited Bid for Land in Murray Bridge Gets Legally Messy

Wildens Way Map

There has been a spanner in the works for the Murray Bridge Council planning to sell 300 metres of riverfront land.

An unsolicited bid was made for a row of shacks along Long Island Road last month and the council has sought market valuations from two valuers.

However the Murray Valley Standard has revealed this week that the area was re-classified as community land in 2007, meaning the council may not technically be allowed to sell it.

As the Council seeks legal advice, they are still hearing feedback from the community on the proposal.

Residents have until 3 pm Thursday 5 December to provide feedback. Head to https://letstalk.murraybridge.sa.gov.au/Wildens-way-method-of-disposal-public-consultation or go to the council offices to do so or to find out more.

Photo from Rural City of Murray Bridge