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Cadell Celebrates 100 Years of Rich River History

Cadell 1920

The Murray River Township of Cadell is celebrating 100 years this weekend.

The township was named after renowned paddle steamer Captain Francis Cadell and became a mixing bowl of fruit growers through the State’s soldier settlement and the creation of an irrigation system to support local fruit  production.

The Cadell Community and Tourist Association will celebrate the milestone with three days of events centred around the town’s history and characters that have shaped the river oasis.

Chairman, Jason Lukacs said he is excited to be hosting the event.

"There has been a lot of work gone into the preparations and we hope the events will bring many people to, or back to, the town," Mr Lukacs said.

Cadell’s centennial events will include the Cadell Primary School presenting a history day on Friday 13th September followed by a Centenary dinner at the Cadell Club.

There will also be a ‘Black Powder’ event presented by the Cadell Pistol Club on Saturday 14th September from 10am, providing an opportunity for enthusiasts of vintage firearms to show their skills at the shooting range. 

A Gala Dance will be held at the Cadell Institute with a supper and in the township’s longstanding tradition, a Picnic Fair will be held on Sunday 15th September with vintage cars and machinery and to take visitors back to the early days, horse and cart rides. 

The Mayor of the Mid Murray Council said the event the town’s heart has centred around its community and development of the land.

"Their strength and resilience have been handed down from their veteran forefathers and this was certainly seen in the fight to save their ferry”, said Mayor Burgess. 

Centennial Coordinator Angela Lukacs said the Heritage centre will be open over the three days.

“We are looking forward to seeing lots of people who have a connection to Cadell attend the variety of family friendly planned activities“ Ms Luacs said. 

For further information about Cadell’s three day centennial celebrations contact Angela Lukacs on 0484 767 236, [email protected] or the Morgan Visitor Information Office on 8540 263.