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The 3 South Australians Awarded Bravery Decorations


Three South Australians will be awarded Bravery Decorations today.

Mount Compass father Christopher Williams and son Mitchell Williams have been commended by the Governor-General for rescuing a family member from a shark attack at Lady Bay in Normanville.

While on a kayaking trip on 22 October 2017, Mr Williams’ 15 year old daughter Sarah was in a kayak nearby while his wife and a German tourist were in a second kayak.

Without warning, a 4.5 metre white pointer shark lurched up from under the water launching the girl and the kayak into the air.  Sarah then entered the water and she and the shark disappeared below.

Sarah gripped the kayak as the shark attacked for a third time, with its jaws penetrating the kayak very close to her body.

Mr Williams instantly manoeuvred the small aluminium dinghy directly towards the shark and his struggling daughter. As they approached, he directed Mitchell to kneel down and prepare to grab his sister.

When close enough, Mitchell stretched out of the boat, over the shark, to reach his sister's arms. He dragged her body from the kayak, into the dinghy and to safety.

With the shark circling the damaged kayak, which was now entangled by fishing lines with the dinghy, Mr Williams manoeuvred his boat to distract the shark which allowed the two people on the other kayak to reach the shore safely.

For their actions, Mr Christopher Williams and Mr Mitchell Williams are commended for brave conduct.


Jared Robinson commended for rescuing car crash victim

A Southern Suburbs man has also been commended for risking his life by rescuing the victim of a firey car crash.

On the morning of 26 October 2016, Jared Robinson went to the assistance of an injured driver in a burning vehicle at Aldinga in South Australia.

At about 6am Mr Robinson was driving to work near Aldinga when he came across a head-on motor vehicle accident involving two cars.

Whilst another passer-by went to check on the second vehicle, Mr Robinson approached the first vehicle, an SUV, which was burning near the engine bay area.  He quickly retrieved a fire extinguisher and put the flames out, though he was not sure if they would reignite.

The driver had sustained multiple injuries and was bleeding significantly.  Mr Robinson immediately crawled inside the confined and heavily damaged interior, removed his own jumper and used it to reduce the driver's blood flow. He stayed with the injured man until emergency services arrived.  They conveyed the critically injured man to hospital.  Unfortunately the driver of the other vehicle was deceased.

For his actions, Mr Robinson is commended for brave conduct.