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Kangaroo Culling in South-East Welcomed by Livestock SA


Livestock SA has welcomed a plan to extend the commercial kangaroo harvesting zone to the State’s South East.

The Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu, Kangaroo Island, Lower and Upper South East would be included in the zone under a State Government amendment as well as extending the Murray Mallee and Mid North Region.

The South Australian Commercial Kangaroo Management Plan 2018-2022 proposal comes after renewed calls from industry to provide additional flexibility in kangaroo management across SA.

Livestock SA President Joe Keynes said the proposed changes were a positive step in kangaroo management.

“Livestock SA has strongly lobbied for commercial harvesting areas to be increased to ensure harvesting can occur in all areas where kangaroo populations have increased significantly,” he said.

“Since 2011 kangaroo numbers have increased significantly across the state, doubling from an estimated 2.5 million to more than 5 million.

“This large rise in kangaroo populations has impacted hugely on producers, as well as at an environmental level, with increased numbers placing significant grazing pressure on properties.

Mr Keynes encouraged producers to share their views on the amended plan and provide feedback during the consultation period, which will run until September 6, 2019.

Visit yoursay.sa.gov.au or livestocksa.org.au for more information.

Image: Pixabay