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Safety Hub for Domestic Violence Victims in Murraylands


The Murraylands will be home to a new safety hub for victims of domestic violence in the coming months.

The State Government has flagged the region along with Berri as the areas most in need of support and are set to be open from mid-2019. 

As part of an election commitment there will be specialist domestic and family violence services, legal help and financial counselling available to those who are experiencing, or are at risk of, violence.

The State Minister for Human Services Michelle Lensink says safety hubs take different forms, so women in different regions can have access to the hub that best suits their needs. 

"The services offered at these sites could quite literally be a lifesaver for women facing violent situations at home," said Minister Lensink.

“The hubs are being placed in areas of greatest need following direct feedback from our domestic and family violence roundtables in talking with the sector and the community.

“Staff and volunteers in the Murray Bridge safety hub will provide targeted and appropriate information and referrals to women and help them access the support they need," said Minister Lensink.

Further sites will be rolled out later this year and a total of nine hubs will be up and running from now to June 2021.

Image: Raw Pixel, Pexels