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Truckie Cleared Over Freeway Crash That Killed 2 People

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Prosecutors have dropped charges against a truck driver who crashed at the bottom of the freeway four years ago, killing two people.

Darren Hicks was behind the wheel of the sewage truck when the brakes failed, ploughing into three cars at the intersection, killing 57 year old Thomas Spiess and 41 year old Jaqueline Byrne in August 2014.

Hicks was charged with causing death and serious harm by dangerous driving, but the prosecutor dropped the charges yesterday just as the trial was about to begin after a report showed there was nothing Hicks could have done to stop the truck's fatal descent.

Neither Hicks or his employer knew the brakes were faulty at the time of the crash.

The owner of the truck, Cleanaway Operations is still facing seven counts of failing to comply with health and safety duties.


Image: Ten Eyewitness News