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Milang's Turn For A Chip Blitz


With the July 1 deadline for new legislation requiring all cats and dogs be microchipped in South Australia, Milang residents will be able to take advantage of the cheaper rates at a Chip Blitz this weekend.

Those interested in the $10 chipping event need to register for an appointment online at www.chipblitz.com, before taking your furry family member to the Milang Institute on Saturday June 16.

It will become legislation in South Australia on July 1st for all cats and dogs in this state be microchipped, the aim is to reduce the number of lost pets who don't end up back with their owners. You will also need to keep your microchip details up to date on the database.

Your pet will need to be microchipped by the age of 3 months, there will be increased penalties for irresponsible cat and dog owners.