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SA Best Promise Public Transport Options For Rural & Regional SA


SA Best are promising to establish locally based committees to help develop a plan for rural and regional public transport should they win the balance of power at this weekend’s state election.

Outside of the metro Adelaide area and a few larger hubs, there is no public transport available to many communities who rely on local government or not for profit organisations to fill the gap.

SA-BEST regional spokesperson and candidate for the Legislative Council, Sam Johnson, says significant issues of access and equity must be addressed.

“This is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate as the impacts of the NDIS, combined with reduction in state funding and changes in federal support for community passenger networks, all hit together," Sam said.

“We know that public transport in many regional communities and intra and inter-regional transport will not work on the same model implemented across the metropolitan area.”

“But it should be available and it should be accessible.”

The committees would establish a central point that people in their region need to travel to and recommend a transport solution based on information gathered about customers and already existing transport options in the area. 

SA-BEST leader, Nick Xenophon says the Total Transport Model is one that is gaining significant impetus across the globe and Australia, with various proposals and trials in place in NSW, Tasmania and Victoria.

“The model creates a local, place-based governance and management structure that provides tailored approaches, recognising differences in demographics and asset availability according to that area”, said Nick.

“The broad work of each regional transport access committee is essentially the same, however each will apply assets and deliver solutions based on their specific local needs.”


Image: By See below [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

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