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Concerns Telco Merger Could Impact Regional Residents


OPTUS has made a submission to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on a proposed merger of Telsta & TPG.

The plan would see the two companies share some infrastructure in regional areas, but keep their own networks in metropolitan areas.

OPTUS has released a statement saying the consolidation would lead to a negative outcome for regional residents as they need more communications infrastructure, not less.

"The merger will further entrench and extend the dominant market position of Telstra which will undermine the commercial viability of additional investment in regional infrastructure (which TPG is abandoning) by any rational company, ‘locking’ competition out of the regional market and eliminating choice in regional Australia," the statement from OPTUS reads.

The Executive Summary of Optus’ Submission can be read here, and the ACCC will also soon publish a public version of the submission.

Photo by Adrienn via pexels.com