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Aged Care Home Care Changes Could Impact Locals

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Concerns have been raised about proposed changes to aged care services.

The Federal Government is planning to tweak the structure and funding model for at home care providers from July 1. 

Mid Murray Support Service (MMSS) Coordinator Annette Dempsey said her non-for-profit organisation will be unable to provide the same level of support for clients, as a result.

“The new proposed Federal program named Stay at Home, whilst it is a sound effort, significantly changes the funding model and may lead to higher expectations of MMSS Whilst diminishing the level of funding for the service.  As a not-for-profit organisation, these changes may be unsustainable and will require MMSS to review the number and level of services the organisation can provide after July 1,"  Annette Dempsey said.

“MMSS mission is Making Lives Better. Whilst cost of living such as fuel and groceries are increasing, our level of funding is diminishing.  We service those most in need in our region, including to significantly isolated areas, and we would be devastated at the possibility of not being able to give them the level of service they need.”

MMSS want to hear from community members with concerns and stories to share of their Aged Care experiences, in a bid to advocate for policy reform. If you want to get in touch, contact Annette Dempsey  via (08) 8369 1832 or email [email protected].

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio, supplied via pexels.com