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Murray Bridge Council Plans Little Corrella Cull

Little Corellas in front of a Long Biller Corella CC photo by Annette Teng on Panoramio

Little Corella numbers will be reduced in Murray Bridge and Wellington this breeding season.

The noisy bird population has risen to an unsustainable level in recent years, causing extra damage to damage electrical cabling, sporting areas, assets and newly sown crops. 

Council is working on new and innovative methods to tackle the population – including strategically placing attractors and deterrents to protect public infrastructure and finding humane culling strategies.

The starting date for the humane culling program in Murray Bridge will be determined by  the arrival of scout birds and will be undertaken between 9:30am and 11:30am on  Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays. When the program is physically being delivered  Council staff and pest control experts conducting the cull will carefully secure an area,  at Sturt Reserve, and ensure public safety during the exercise is maintained  

The Wellington program will focus on the area between the Courthouse and the Hotel, and is scheduled to be delivered from Monday to Thursday between 2pm and 3pm,  dependent on arrival of birds.  

More information about Little Corellas can be found at  murraybridge.sa.gov.au/corellas.

Photo of Little Corellas in front of a Long Biller Corella, CC photo by Annette Teng on Panoramio