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Life Saving Defib to be Installed at Victor Harbor Boat Ramp

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The City of Victor Harbor has committed to funding a defibrillator at the Bluff boat ramp.

Following the tragic death of a scuba diver in Encounter Bay in April 2021, Councillors agreed there was a need for more immediate support in the instance someone needs urgent cardiac assistance. 

The life-saving tech will likely be placed on the side of a brand new toilet block which will be erected in the carpark of the boat ramp, ahead of the upcoming summer season.

Victor Harbor Councillors voted last night (Monday 25 October) to approve a "heritage-style" minimalistic toilet block at a cost of around $160,000. 

It follows a public consultation in which the majority of 160 respondents opposed a large, 'dominating' structure closer to the ramp.

Story Jennie Lenman / Photo JamesRein Pixabay