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How Local Members Voted on Euthanasia Bill

Photo of Parliament House by hypnotiseme Flickr

The Member for Finniss was one of the Liberal members to help pass the Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) Bill this week.

Minister David Basham was one of 33 to vote 'yes' on amended legislation to legalise voluntary euthanasia during Wednesday’s late-night vigorous debate and historic vote.

He joined Premier Steven Marshall, Attorney General Vickie Chapman and Labor Leader Peter Malinauskas in his vote.

Eleven members voted 'no' to the landmark legislation, including the Member for Kavel Dan Cregan, the Member for Hammond Adrian Pederick, Stephan Knoll, David Speirs, Dan van Holst Pellekaan and Labor's Tom Koutsantonis.

Amendments to the legislation made in the Lower House includes allowing private hospitals to conscientiously object to the procedure and refer patients to other health providers. 

A doctor is also not allowed to raise the option of VAD with a patient, and the patient must be experiencing intolerable suffering that cannot be relieved in order to gain approval.

The Bill will now be sent back to the Upper House for a final vote of approval.


  • David Basham (Liberal)
  • Frances Bedford (Independent)
  • Troy Bell (Independent)
  • Zoe Bettison (Labor)
  • Vickie Chapman (Liberal)
  • Matt Cowdrey (Liberal)
  • Jon Gee (Labor)
  • Eddie Hughes (Labor)
  • Steven Marshall (Liberal)
  • Lee Odenwalder (Labor)
  • David Pisoni (Liberal)
  • Jayne Stinson (Labor)
  • Tim Whetstone (Liberal)
  • Leon Bignell (Labor)
  • Susan Close (Labor)
  • Fraser Ellis (Independent)
  • Richard Harvey (Liberal)
  • Paula Luethen (Liberal)
  • Nick McBride (Liberal)
  • Stephen Patterson (Liberal)
  • Carolyn Power (Liberal)
  • Joe Szakacs (Labor)
  • Corey Wingard (Liberal)
  • Blair Boyer (Labor)
  • Nat Cook (Labor)
  • John Gardner (Liberal)
  • Katrine Hildyard (Labor)
  • Peter Malinauskas (Labor)
  • Stephen Mullighan (Labor)
  • Chris Picton (Labor)
  • Rachel Sanderson (Liberal)
  • Peter Treloar (Liberal)
  • Dana Wortley (Labor)
  • Geoff Brock (Independent) (Pair)


  • Dan Cregan (Liberal)
  • Tom Koutsantonis (Labor)
  • Adrian Pederick (Liberal)
  • Vincent Tarzia (Liberal)
  • Sam Duluk (Independent)
  • Andrea Michaels (Labor)
  • Tony Piccolo (Labor)
  • Dan van Holst Pellekaan (Liberal)
  • Stephan Knoll (Liberal)
  • Steve Murray (Liberal)
  • David Speirs (Liberal)


  • Geoff Brock, Frome (Ind)
  • Michael Brown, Playford (ALP)
 Story Jennie Lenman/ photo of Parliament House by hypnotiseme, Flickr