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'Selfish and Stupid' - 13,000+ Speeding Drivers in Hills

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Police have called drivers ‘selfish and stupid’ for speeding in the Adelaide Hills.

The results are in from 'Operation Safe Speed', SAPOL’s six month-long crackdown in the region.

Between October 2020 and the end of April 2021, 13,784 people travelled above the speed limit, including 676 motorcylists.

Of those caught, 13,466 drivers or riders were detected speeding up to 29 kmph over the limit, 263 were detected speeding between 30 and 44 kmph over the limit, 51 were detected speeding 45 kmph or more over the limit and 4 were driving in a manner dangerous to the public.

Those drivers have been issued fines and demerit points while 42 drivers lost their licences on the spot.

Eight lives were also lost on Hills roads during the operation and 57 motorists sustained serious injuries in accidents.

Superintendent Bob Gray, Officer in Charge Traffic Services Branch said the number of people ignoring the dangers of speeding is astounding.

"For every death or serious injury there is a whole community of people who are affected," Supt Gray said.

"The decision to ignore speed limits that are put in place for everyone's safety is selfish and stupid.  Every crash affects families, emergency service workers, schools, workplaces, passers by - the impacts are far reaching and it is just foolish to think that you can drive above the speed limit safely."

Photo by Sourav Mishra from Pexels