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Cancer Screening Session in Murray Bridge


People in the Murraylands are encouraged to join in on a Cancer Screening Education Session this Wednesday 20 April.

Cancer Council SA has joined forces with Country SA PHN to deliver a series sessions to regional South Aussies at greatest risk.

Cancer screening rates in regional areas often fall below the South Australian average, specifically in the Murray and Mallee, including Murray Bridge.     

In 2018 and 2019 the average South Australian screening participation rate for bowel cancer was 49.1 per cent, the rate for breast cancer was 58.4 per cent and the rate for cervical screening was 50.3 per cent.

In comparison, screening rates for the Murray and Mallee region were 48.9 per cent (bowel) and 44.3 per cent (cervical). Encouragingly, the screening rate for breast cancer was actually higher than the national average at 59.0 per cent.

The Cancer Screening Regional Roadshow is visiting regional locations across SA between March and June 2021 to encourage more regional South Australians to get screened.

The free information session at Murray Bridge Community Club on Wednesday 21 April (2-4pm) will cover: 

  • Breast, bowel and cervical cancer, and how to reduce your risk;
  • The national breast, bowel and cervical cancer screening programs;
  • How screening detects cancer early;
  • What screening tests you or your loved ones are eligible for; and
  • Where to access them locally.

For more information on the sessions and to register your interest visit cancersa.org.au/screeningaware

Photo supplied by Cancer Council SA