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Local Indie Cinemas Get $20M Boost

pexels pixabay 257385Independent cinemas that have been struggling due to pandemic restrictions have been thrown a lifeline this week.

The Federal Government has pledged $20m to operators who have experienced significant declines in revenue, with one-off business continuity grants of up to $85,000 each.

The SCREEN Fund is expected to support up to 390 cinemas across the country manage the significant economic, health and social challenges they are facing as a result of COVID-19.

Federal Member for Baker Tony Pasin said the funding will provide critical support for independent cinemas in Barker and assist the local community and economy to restart from the pandemic.

“We’re introducing this funding to help support the viability of independent cinemas during this period when their business circumstances are still returning to normality, as the vaccine rollout progresses and Australia moves towards higher audience capacities.” Mr Pasin said.

For more information visit: https://www.screenaustralia.gov.au/covid-19-support.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels