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Alleged Hills Arsonist Remains Behind Bars

Christies Beach Magistrates Court from Google Maps

The man charged with lighting a fire in Clarendon has had his bail request denied.

The former CFS volunteer appeared in court on Tuesday 16 February, via video link.

Police prosecutors told the court that data obtained from phone towers has placed the  61-year-old "in the vicinity" of seven ignition points in the Adelaide Hills on January 24.

Police allege patrols spotted the Hallett Cove man rushing to his white car on Piggot Range Road in Clarendon around 6pm that evening, just as flames started to emerge in the area.

Defense laywer, Paul O’Connor said the case against his client is "circumstantial" and that having to wait until September for the next court date was a long time to be in custody "based on a suspicion".

He said the accused was experiencing hardship in protective custody and had been assaulted in the Adelaide Remand Centre.

Magistrate Lynette Duncan said the accused failed to prove there were "special circumstances" for his release.

Photo of Christies Beach Magistrates Court from Google Maps