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South Coast Bakery Forced to Close Drive Through


A south coast bakery has been forced by council to shut its popular drive through service over the summer months. 

Goolwa Heritage Pies & Pastries was given a temporary driveway permit by the Alexandrina Council in March, which was last week revoked due to SA's lifting of COVID patron limits.

The Cadell St bakery has applied for permanent approval, which is still proceeding, but the barkery has been told to close the drive through, until a decision has been made in January or February.

“Whilst I respect Council have the right to enforce this I am feeling gutted for all the mobility impaired and low immune customers who will no longer be able to use this service,” bakery's co-owner Vicki Leane said in a Facebook post on December 7.

Hundreds of people have thrown their support behind the family-run business online, including a resident who commented the service has been a ‘god-send’ for her immuno-compromised parents.

“This allowed mum and her friend who is also unwell to go out like normal grab something safely and then go have a coffee and something nice down the park,” the woman wrote.

The council said their focus is ensuring public safety in the main street.

There are allegations of several near miss accidents associated with the drive through, which the bakery owners dispute.