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Majority Agree with Electric Vehicle Tax


A slim majority of our readers agree with the State Government's plan to tax electric vehicle users.

In this year’s State Budget, $18.3 million is going towards the Electric Vehicle Action Plan, including the creation of a state-wide fast-charging network and the transition of the State Government’s fleet of cars from petrol to electric.

Part of the plan is to tax electric car users. The details have not been released but the proposal includes a fixed cost plus a variable charge, based on distance travelled.

In our poll over the past week we have been asking "Do You Agree With the Proposed Tax on Electric Vehicles?"

It was a close result, with 55% of respondents selecting "yes", while 45% chose "no".

In State Parliament there has been loud backlash to the idea with Labor, the Greens and cross bench MPs all voicing concerns about the proposal.

The Victorian Treasurer announced on Saturday that his Government plans to follow suit, which would make SA and VIC the only jurisdictions in the world to impose such a tax on electric vehicles, without providing any incentives for consumers to make the switch.

Photo by Mike from Pexels