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Hills Man Sentenced for Indecent Cemetery Acts


A Bridgewater man has faced court over three incidents of indecent behaviour in an Adelaide Hills cemetery.

Raymond James Stratford was spotted naked on two occasions in late October by two women at the Stirling Cemetery near Oxford Road.

Both women told police that the man was masturbating.

After victims provided a detailed description of the male suspect, officers in plain clothes and a dog squad attended the cemetery on two occasions, catching him around 3pm Friday October 27.

Prosecutor Brevet Sergeant Rebecca Symons told the Mount Barker Magistrates Court on Wednesday that the 67-year-old was masturbating and performed a 'sex act' with an electric toothbrush.

“Police located the electric toothbrush lying on the ground near to where the defendant was arrested,” Brevet Sergeant Rebecca Symons said.

Stratford pleaded guilty to two counts of committing a grossly indecent act and a count of indecent behaviour.

He read an apology to the court and said he was sorry for any pain or stress caused to those involved.

Defendant Sarah Bamford has told the court that her client believed that he may be suffering from an impulse control disorder causing “compulsive sexual behaviour” and that he is on a waiting list to see a psychologist.

Magistrate Lynette Duncan sentenced Stratford to two months, 12 days behind bars, suspended on an 18-month $500 good behaviour bond.

Stratford has no prior criminal record and will be required to undergo counselling, rehabilitation and treatment.

Photo of Stirling Cemetery from Google Maps Street View