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Lake Breeze Wines Unveils $1.8M Venue

Lake BreezeLanghorne Creek, South AustraliaPhoto: John Krüger

A popular Langhorne Creek winery has just opened its new $1.8 million event space.

Lake Breeze Wines can now accommodate more than 25 weddings each year, as well as hosting events and music festivals.

Stirling-based builder Fairweather Davies was engaged to construct the space and sourced all of the limestone detail locally from Langhorne Creek.

The award-winning family-owned business annually caters to more than 6,000 guests each year for the popular music and wine event, Handpicked Festival, which, due to COVI restrictions and artist limitations was recently postponed until 2021.

Lake Breeze’s Managing Director, Roger Follett said the project would create approximately 10 new jobs to assist in servicing the new venue and would increase opportunities for the region.

“While we had previously only been able to welcome a handful of weddings each year, we are very excited at the opportunity to more than double capacity while being able to offer weddings without weather and vintage restrictions.”

The business has already booked in 13 weddings next year, with more spots available. 

Lake Breeze received $300,000 through the Regional Development Grant to assist with the project.

Lake BreezeLanghorne Creek, South AustraliaPhoto: John Krüger

Photos supplied by Lake Breeze WinesLake BreezeLanghorne Creek, South AustraliaPhoto: John Krüger