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Harold the Wombat Dies in Hills Sanctuary

The wombat recovering from twenty-six bulletin wounds, dehydration and heat exhaustion has died.

Adelaide Hills sanctuary Wombat Awareness Organisation has been giving the injured animal around the clock care since he was found by a wildlife carer on the side of the road in the state’s south east on Tuesday 13 October.

Harold, as he is affectionately been named by the organisation, was showing promising signs of recovery ahead of and after surgery on Saturday but died suddenly on Sunday morning.

Volunteers at Wombat Awareness Organisation posted about the sad news later that day.

"We stood by him every step of the way for the past 96 hours as we could see how hard he was fighting but in the end his poor body couldn’t fight any more," the post read.

"Harold should never have been in this situation. 26 bullet wounds to his body is not on. Not for an animal. Not for a wombat.

"With World Wombat Day now only 4 days away we need to come together. We need to take steps that what happened to Harold does not happen again. We need to help our wombats in our care and all future wombats."

The sancturary asks anyone wanting to help to donate to World Wombat Giving Day in memory of Harold via this link: https://wombat-awareness-organisation-sa-inc.giveeasy.org/world-wombat-giving-day-2020.

Photo of Harold supplied by Wombat Awareness Organisation