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Basham and Pederick Cleared by ICAC


Minister David Basham and MP Adrian Pederick have been cleared of wrongdoing by the new Independent Commissioner Against Corruption.

Minister Basham from the electorate of Finniss and the Member for Hammond are among nine Liberal MPs that the new Commissioner Ann Vanstone  let off the hook following her (and predecessor Bruce Lander's) investigation into the Country Members Accommodation Allowance scandal.

Stephan Knoll,  Tim Whetstone, Geoff Brock, Edward Hughes, Nicholas McBride, Peter Treloar and Dan van Holst Pellekaan have also been cleared.

Members were forced to step down from parliamentary roles and hand back tens of thousands of dollars, including Adrian Pederick who resigned as Parliamentary Whip.

Several MPS are still under investigation. The Commissioner says no conclusion should be drawn regarding those she has not yet named.

Photo of ICAC sign, supplied by ICAC