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Should Murray Bridge High School Change its Name?

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Murray Bridge High School is turning to the community for feedback on a new name.

The historic institution is undergoing a major re-brand this year with a new logo and motto to be unveiled in 2021.

So far, over 500 people have been a part of the consultation including students, staff, parents and members of the Aboriginal community. 

In the latest stage of consultation, the school is seeking feedback from the larger community on its name.

The first option is to keep it as is, the second is to call it 'Murraylands High School' and the third to change the name to 'Murray Bridge Secondary School'.

Principal Ruth Mussger said she would love to hear from more members of the community before making a decision.

“Our school has been an important part of the Murraylands since 1913 and we want to ensure our community has the opportunity to be involved in developing the new brand,” Ms Mussger said.

“A name change is not essential to the re-brand, however, we felt this consultation process presented an ideal opportunity to consider all aspects of the school’s identity."

Have your say on their website: mbhs.sa.edu.au.

Photo supplied by Murray Bridge High School