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Recovery Grant for Lobethal Bushland Park



The fire-ravaged Lobethal Bushland Park has hope for the future thanks to a Wildlife Recovery Grant.

The $49,000 grant, to be spent over three years, was awarded by the South Australian National Parks and Wildlife Service, and the Nature Foundation. 

Post-fire weed control will be the main focus, following the devastating Cudlee Creek bushfires in December 2019.

Specialised bushcare contractors  will be tasked with the removal of several weeds known to multiply rapidly after fires, such as Blackberry, Erica and Deadly Nightshade.

The Heritage Listed Park is an important ecological space, home to many plants and wildlife of conservation significance.

Endangered plant species including the Leafy Greenhood and Clover Glycine are hoped to return to the landscape as the region begins to show signs of recovery. 

Walking trails in the Lobethal Bushland Park are available to see the park's recovery progess.

Story by Elyse Armanini.

Photo by Lew Brickill, supplied in February