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Call for Regional Food Production Workers


South Australia has the highest jobless rate in Australia, unchanged at 7.9 per cent.

The number of people looking for jobs has off-setting those who have found work.

In regional SA, while there are 43 job-seekers to every one job opportunity, paradoxically some companies in horticulture and food production are unable to attract enough workers.

The Member for Barker Tony Pasin said his office has fielded calls from several Murraylands business owners claiming they have positions that they have not been able to fill.

"There are parts of the economy that are really struggling; retail, tourism-based businesses, but I've got to tell you food, food processing, food manufacturing, agriculture is going 'gang-busters' and I've had, honestly, employers contact me and saying they just cannot find employers to fill important roles," Mr Pasin said.

Tony Pasin is encouraging job-seekers to consider a career-change or a tree-change to the regions.

On Tuesday 22 September between 9.30am-1.30pm there is a Virtual Jobs Fair in which employers/exhibitors from the Murraylands are participating. Register and find out more at employment.gov.au/AdelaideVJF

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