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Hills MP Appointed Suicide Prevention Advocate


An Adelaide Hills Liberal MP has been appointed as the Premier’s Advocate for Suicide Prevention and Community Resilience.

Member for Kavel Dan Cregan MP last week took over the position of Upper House President in state parliament from John Dawkins who also held the Suicide Prevention position.

Now Mr Cregan is formally advocating a cause very close to him and will continue to help helping the hills community which has been hit by bushfires and now the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his maiden speech in 2018, Mr Cregan spoke of his personal connection to the suicide prevention cause with a 'prayer for change'.

"My godbrother committed suicide at 18. Many other young men in my community commit suicide. I have known several others, including a schoolfriend whose memory is very dear to me. It is not only young men, but it seems it often is,"Mr Cregan said.

"The Premier has acted early on his commitment to preventative health and wellbeing with the establishment of the Premier's Council on Suicide Prevention. It is an unhappy fact that more people in South Australia take their own lives each year than die on our roads. South Australia's suicide rate exceeds the national average,

"One of the most practical ways I can address this issue as a local member is to speak widely about suicide prevention in my community. I encourage other community leaders to do likewise. We need to make plain to young men in country South Australia—and to all young people—that they are deeply valued by their communities and that, whatever hardship or anguish befalls them, the value of their own lives is incalculable. I encourage the government to continue to fund practical help."

For those needing help and support Lifeline is always available on 13 11 14.

Photo of Dan Cregan MP supplied