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Community to Weigh in on Future of Coorong


Members of the community are encouraged to help shape the future management of the Coorong by joining in on four upcoming webinars exploring different options.

The Healthy Coorong, Healthy Basin program is supporting the long-term health of the ecosystem, with a focus on the South Lagoon.

Eleven options have been identified to improve its management and health; each with different social, economic and cultural implications.

Interested citizens are encouraged to take part in the upcoming web seminars exploring the pros and cons of each option, on Friday 17 July and Monday 20 July.

Expert scientists, Department of Environment and Water representatives and researchers will share what they know about the options and answer questions from participants.

The options to explore are:

  • Option 1A Increased dredged Murray Mouth dimensions

  • Option 1B Training walls for an open Murray Mouth

  • Option 2 Coorong - Lake Albert Connector

  • Option 3 Coorong Lagoon dredging to improve connectivity

  • Option 4 Further augmentation of South East Flows to the Coorong (SEFA)

  • Option 5 Coorong South Lagoon regulator

  • Option 6 Temporary pumping from the Coorong South Lagoon to the Southern Ocean (salinity reset)

  • Option 7 Permanent connection between the Coorong South Lagoon and Southern Ocean

  • Option 8 Additional automated barrage gates (Community submitted)

  • Option 9 Temporary wetting/drying cycling of South Lagoon (Community submitted)

  • Option 10 Water level induced flow from the Southern Ocean water into Coorong (Community submitted)

Search 'Coorong Infrastructure' on Eventbrite to find the four webinar sessions and details and to register.

Photo by Hullwarren, entrance channel to the Coorong from Hindmarsh Island, Wikimedia