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Smaller Development Plans for Stirling & Surrounding Towns


The Hills Council has approved a number of small housing developments in Stirling, paving the way for future sub-divisions in blue-chip hills suburbs.

Several 500sq m townhouses will be built on 21 Pomona Rd by South Australian based private company 'S & A Bell Pty Ltd', including two double-storey and five single-storey properties.

Across the road, a 10 unit development has been proposed at 20 Pomona Rd by another developer, which will be considered by the council assessment council next week.

The smaller developments are the first of their kind in the region and follows the introduction of the State Government's controversial Planning and Design Code which will become operational in September 2020.

Under the code, properties in the Country Living zone of the council (including parts of Crafers, Crafers West, Stirling, Heathfield, Upper Sturt, Aldgate and Bridgewater), could be opened up to more development including semi-highrises of up to six stories.

While the proposal would provide more people an opportunity to live in the Hills at a more affordable rate, it has faced opposition by many locals who cite concerns about infill developments destroying the town’s “country feel”.

Photo of Stirling in Autumn, by Charlie Ma, Flickr