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Coorong Budget 2020-21 - No Increase in Rates or Charges


The Coorong Annual Business Plan & Budget for 2020-2021 has been adopted for the financial year ahead.

After months of work-shopping and deliberation, the council voted to adopt the proposal in its June 23 meeting, taking into account current uncertainty and challenges and the impact of COVID-19.

Commitments from the council include:

  • No increase in rates, no increase in fees and charges, and no increase in borrowings for 2020-21.
  • Delivering a 'Community Vision Plan 2020-25', Reconciliation Action Plan, Elector Representation Review and re-establishing the Community Events, Grants & Sponsorship Program.
  • Capital Works spending will be maintained in line with available grants, and will total $9.08 million.
  • Major capital works projects will include completion of the Drought Communities Programme Phase 2 projects, the Meningie North Jetty upgrade and Revitalising Raukkan walking trail (funded through the Murray-Darling Basin Economic Development Program), Regional Key Freight Routes (high risk intersections - subject to grants), and completion of the Tailem Bend public toilets upgrade.

To view the meeting minutes in full, visit the council's website.

Photo by Mac1745, Sunrise near Long Point, Coorong National Park, South Australia, CC Wikimedia