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Swan Reach Observatory to Bolster Burgeoning Space Industry


South Australia is well placed to become a leader in space technology and science in future with the increasing investment in its burgeoning space sector. 

A space observatory will be built in the internationally recognised Dark Sky Reserve in the Murraylands near Swan Reach in September 2020 with an aim to be up and running by July 2021.

The structure will be the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere and will help local and international space users track objects in low earth and geosynchronous orbits.

SA company Silentium Defence has been awarded $1.46 million in Federal funding to lead the project in collaboration with Western Sydney University.

CEO Dr James Palmer said it is a great time to be in the space industry in South Australia.

"I know we've got what's going on in a global context with the pandemic but particularly in SA at the moment, what's happening in the space sector is fantastic," Dr Palmer said.

The Federal Government aims to triple the country's space sector to $12 billion in the next decade and create an extra 20,000 jobs.

Photo at top MAVERICK S-series passive radar system for surveillance of space , supplied by Silentium Defence