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Two SA Heroes Honored for Bravery in Murray Mouth


Two South Australians are being honored today with Australian Bravery Awards.

Ben McKenzie of Inman Valley and Lee Dobson of Happy Valley are being commended for brave conduct for rescuing two boys from a rip at the Murray Mouth.

The friends were on a fishing trip in January 27 2019 when a woman began screaming that the boys were drowning after being swept away in a rip.

Mr McKenzie quickly drove into the water and pulled a drowning boy to the surface while Mr Lee dove in to grab hold of a boy and help his friend stay afloat.

A surfer arrived on a body board to assist, and another male on a jet-ski, later identified as Mark Tiss, also arrived and towed the exhausted group to the safety of the shore.

Both boys reached the shore conscious.

The men join another 81 Australians in being recognised today by the Governor-General for their courage, sacrifice and selflessness.

 “As we face the huge challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to set aside time to celebrate these individuals and take inspiration from the example of selflessness that they set,” the Governor-General said.

“Australian Bravery Awards recognise courage and sacrifice. Perhaps most importantly, they recognise people who, in a moment of danger or threat, think of others ahead of their own safety."

Other recipients of the award include people who have rescued others from burning vehicles and homes and from dangerous floodwaters.

Image of Commendation for Brave Conduct Ribbon, from Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet