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A Plan to Help Native Murray River Fish Recover


Murray River communities can have their say on a new plan to help boost native fish populations and the overall ecology of the river system.

Up to a million native fish, including Murray cod and silver perch, died during the three mass fish death events last year on an unprecedented scale. 

In a bid to support 50+ species of fish in the Murray Darling Basin, the native wildlife that feed on them and the 10,000 people employed in the sector, a new Native Fish Recovery Strategy has been devised.

The Federal and basin state governments have collaborated with First Nations peoples, ecologists and basin community members on the draft plan.

Have your say on the plan to shape the outcomes, actions and priorities for the recovery of native fish in the Basin by April 6 2020 at getinvolved.mdba.gov.au/native-fish-strategy

Photo of Murray Cod by Codman at English Wikipedia