Strath Woodshed Asking for Support After Fire

January 16, 2024 7:02 am in by
Photo: Strath Woodshed / Facebook

The Woodshed in Strathalbyn is seeking donations to help them through a challenging time.

Following a significant fire on 21 November 2023, the organisation is working to raise $15,000 to establish a temporary work area while significant structural repairs are being undertaken.

President Richard Carter has told ARN’s Adam Connelly and Jennie Lenman that the community facility fulfills a very important role in keeping people connected, as for some vulnerable members, the Woodshed is their main point of social contact. 

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“These people have missed out on quite a bit in the past few months by not having any contact with the community and any social contact. We’re pretty desperate to get the space running again,” Richard Carter told ARN’s Adam Connelly and Jennie Lenman.

“While we may not have our full program going, we will have enough start making things again and start mingling with their friends.”

To donate to the cause, head to or the Strath Woodshed website.

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