Petition Hits 8K+ for Better Hahndorf Truck Solution

February 12, 2024 12:14 pm in by
Hahndorf's Main Street. Photo: Orderinchaos, Wikimedia

A decision to divert heavy vehicle traffic from Hahndorf’s main street to River Road and Strathalbyn Road is having unintended consequences.

In October 2023, the State Government introduced a safety measure for the tourism town in the Adelaide Hills, to ban heavy vehicles longer than 15 metres, unless they are making local deliveries.

While many stakeholders agreed with the need to get trucks off the street, many have expressed concern about a lack of alternatives and the new safety and noise issues for residents along River and Strathalbyn roads.

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The River Road & Strathalbyn Road Traffic Group engaged retired Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) traffic engineer Colin Best to come up with an alternative route, which proposes realigning the dirt Fairview Road and linking the beginning of River Road to Echunga Road.

DIT is currently investigating the proposal and is conducting a cost-benefit-analysis.

Resident Anne Fordham from the group says more than 8,000 signatures have been collected so far on the paper petition (available to sign at shops around Mylor and Hahndorf) and once it hits 10,000 signatures, a Parliamentary inquiry will be triggered.

Hear Anne Fordham speaking with ARN’s Adam Connelly and Jennie Lenman this morning on the topic, via the audio play window below: