Drivers Urged to Take Care in Severe Weather

November 28, 2023 11:29 am in by

Severe thunderstorms in South Australia have damaged homes, left thousands without power and has caused flash flooding across the state, posing a threat to motorists and other road users.

RAA is reminding South Australians to take extra care and drive to the conditions as the weather is causing stopping distances to increase by around 14 metres on 60km/hr roads and 127 metres at 100km/hr roads.

The state’s peak motoring body is urging drivers to:

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  • Leave a safe stopping distance of at least three seconds between themselves and the car in front
  • Put their headlights on in low visibility
  • Take extra care to look out for cyclists and pedestrians
  • Allow more time for their journeys today

RAA Senior Manager Safety and Infrastructure Charles Mountain said stopping distances increase by around 30 per cent when roads are wet.

“Wet roads bring extra challenges for drivers, so drivers need to remain fully focused on the task at hand today,” Mr Mountain said.

“Stopping distances increase by almost a third in wet conditions, and even more if your tyres are worn.

“Inclement weather can also mean reduced visibility, making it harder to see pedestrians or cyclists, which is another reason to drive at a safe speed that allows us to come to a stop if required.”

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“With the devastatingly high number of lives lost on our roads this year, it’s as important as ever to drive to the conditions.”

Drivers can also check the Traffic SA website or AddInsight app for current traffic delays and restrictions.