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Mount Pleasant Farmers Market Inc.

The Mt Pleasant Farmers Market is still open albeit a little different than usual!
The Market Management has put into place many policies to comply with covid19 government regulations. The Market is now spread over three areas, the original market hall, the wisteria atrium and surrounding both, the outside areas. Keeping the Market open and supporting our local producers has been paramount in the change of format for the Market.
The market breakfast bar now is offering a delicious take-away breakfast menu. Individual person shopping is encouraged to control numbers within the market areas.
Also with the covid19 challenges driving many changes at the Market, we are very proud to announce that we have launched our online market as well, drive through and pick up service. Our online Market features many of our stalwart stallholders and a selection of their products. The online Market will allow the community to easily access Market produce in a safe space and provide another avenue for producers to sell their products.
So now you have TWO options to shop at the market online or in person, your choice!

Opening Hours

Saturday 8am - 12 noon

132 Melrose Street

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