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Larissa Jones - Beauty Heartist - Best Highlighters Pt. 2 - 14.07.17


Talking self esteem and beauty tips, LARISSA JONES joined us again this week.

Today: Best Highlighters for that Major Glow Pt. 2

5. NARS Hot Sand Illuminator – it’s a liquid highlighter, makes your skin5. NARS Hot Sand Illuminator – it’s a liquid highlighter, makes your skin
look plump and radiant without the streaking.

6. NYX Wonder Sticks – on the cheaper end, they are a 2 in 1 product
with a highlighter and contour, not bad hey! Now sold in Aus.

7. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Powder – if you want to turn
heads this is the one, its very dramatic and pops like no other
according to beauty bloggers.

8. Perricone MD No Highlighter Highlighter – this one is for those that just
want that dewy finish without a heavy effect.

9. RMS Living Luminizer – very popular with celebs and models, gives
your skin that sheen finish without it looking oily.

So remember guys invest in some or even one high-end brand, it’s a
great investment and you wont’ regret it. I promise!

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Visit Larissa at her website.


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