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This is Kristel... one half of the Power Pack. So who's the other half?

Well that is yet to be decided!! For the next few weeks Kristel will be test driving some new co-hosts until she finds the right one, basically she's like the Bachelorette of radio right now and she's got a rose ready for the next ace guy or girl to walk into her work life.

Week 2 - Meet Craig Pitman

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A few things you should know about Craig

1. Craig has terrible screen distraction disorder. While it helps him focus at work, it's not so great on the social side of life when you spend a lot of time tuned into the nearest device.

2. The reason Craig can't afford his own home yet is because his breakfast food of choice is vegemite and smashed avo on toast.

3. Is Craig a natural early riser? Yes but no. He likes to get up early and when he's in a routine he finds it easy but 4am is not natural.

4. If you need a card designed, Craig is your man. He's got a fancy degree from UniSA that makes him a graphic designer. Before he was in radio he used to design greeting cards for his parents friends company!

5. When karaoke is on the cards there's just one song that Craig likes to belt out... BoB's Magic, however he won't do it alone, he requires a mate to take care of the rap sections.

What do you think about Craig? Give us your feedback and we'll pass it on to the boss - you get a hand in choosing your new breakfast friend!!

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